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Herbal medicine is essential for your health and has the potential to re-establish your relationship with mother nature. I believe our health is directly influenced by the health of our environment. This leads me on a path to helping people reconnect to nature.

“for the restoration of both nature and people.”

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why herbs

Why Herbs?

Herbs are a gift from nature. Not only do they help you achieve balance in your body but they help to prevent future diseases. Herbs promote self-healing and strengthen the body to fight and reject illness. They also provide you with nutrients, trace elements, and energy. Herbs reconnect us to nature and is a key to a healthier world.


My boutique products are all handcrafted at home with love, passion, and appreciation for nature. They are made of good quality and natural (organic where possible) ingredients free from petrochemicals, parabens, synthetic fragrances and any harmful chemicals. Crafted in small, artisanal batches, they ensure freshness and attention to detail in every creation.

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I don’t test on Animals

I am endorsed by Beauty Without Cruelty.

Product Reviews

“It is absolutely fantastic!! I have been using the herbal healing salve every night and the difference in my skin is incredible! I gave one to my mom as she had a bad rash type of thing for weeks on her legs and within two days it disappeared!!!!”

– Camilla Potgieter

“I am hooked! The healing salve has helped me in so many ways. I am using it for muscle pains, skin ailments like pimples, itches, scratches, bites, bruises, literally everything. I am also using it as a night cream and I can honestly see a difference.”

– Suzette van der Merwe

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