My Story

Lady of the Herbs started with my passion for nature and the power of herbs. I believe that our health is directly influenced by the health of our environment which leads me on a path to the restoration of both nature and people. My aim is to bring nature back into this concrete jungle we live in.

I am certified in Herbal Medicine and Nutrition and live in a picturesque town called Wilderness. It’s located in the heart of the Garden Route at the foot of the majestic Outeniqua Mountains. I am constantly inspired by the natural beauty of the Garden Route and use this inspiration when making products.

My products are designed to help human beings with everyday ailments using herbs that have been utilised by and evolved with mankind for thousands of years.

My friends and family know me as the “tea lady” and I can go on and on about the health benefits of herbs. Our bodies recognise that herbs are a gift from nature and respond to them in a natural, healthier way.

This is me

My mission in life is to help heal the world and all the beings that call it home by reconnecting people with nature. We need to work with our planet if we want it to take care of us.

If you remove the blinkers and take a look at our planet, you’ll see a very unhealthy world. We need to learn how to give back just as much as we take and create an equal balance of sharing resources to not only sustain but evolve with our planet. Nature is a teacher and we should learn from her.

My Vision

In a world that is rushed, I want to provide calmness. I believe in a healthier world and that this world is possible by living a balanced life. When we are balanced within our body and mind we become a ‘superhero’ version of ourselves.

I believe this is possible by practicing the following:

Take care of your body:
Your life is only as long as your body allows. A healthy diet, regular exercise, adequate water intake, proper sleep, etc. create a healthy balance in the body and prevents disease.

Take care of your mind:
Give life some essence by doing what you love to do. I truly believe in the power of the mind and that the energy we use for our thoughts manifests in our reality.

Treat the root of your problems, not just the symptom:
There is no point in mopping the floors if the faucet is still leaking. Start asking the question: “What is causing my symptoms?” and live to prevent rather than cure.

Use of herbs:
They work. They promote self-healing, give the body the strength to fight and reject illness, as well as provide nutrients, trace elements, and energy.

Connect with others:
We all have a sense of belonging, and it is only fulfilled when we connect with others. Live as a community and help one another to succeed in life.

​Connect with nature:
Walk barefoot, sit next to a tree, go hiking, and absorb the powers nature has to offer. Consider the effects our actions have on nature as it is our responsibility to work with and learn from mother nature.

​”We can all make a difference, but we must make the decision to do so”