Aroma Oil Collection

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Our aroma oil collection is made up of all three of our delicious aroma oils. Each one having its own emotional benefits.

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Invigorating – Generates the feeling of positivity! This blend builds your confidence, gives you energy and creates mental stability to open your mind to knowledge.

Sensuality – This alluring and sensual smell can let love flow! Reinvigorate sensuality and intimacy within your relationship. This blend increases libido and intensifies sexual stimulations.

Inner Peace – This blend represents the warmth of mother earth! Restore emotional balance and expands your sense of security. It induces a deep sense of relaxation which promotes sleep and dispel nervous anxiety, fear and depression.


Our aroma oils are all non-greasy light oils which penetrate the skin providing a long-lasting moisturising effect without clogging the pores. It creates a protective barrier which prevents moisture loss, improving your skin’s smoothness, elasticity, and softness.

It can be applied directly to the skin as a moisturiser, added to a bath or used as a massage oil. I even use it as a perfume!